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Blocked by CORS policy | WEBGL 3D integration

Hello Everyone!

Looking to integrate a 3D rendering into my website and I’m a bit stuck here.

I have tried to copy this project . Whenever I change the file from the avocado to a file I uploaded myself, it doesn’t load on chrome.

The console says sth has been blocked by CORS policy (see Screenshot). Anyone knows how to fix this?

Thank you!

Here is my site Read-Only: ** **

Are you still noticing the issue? I just tried to visit the live site link ( and was able to see your uploaded model:

Hi Mike,
Still experiencing the issue – it’s only on Chrome Browser… any idea? Thank you !

Hmm that’s strange, I’m using Chrome on Windows and I see it just fine.

Does the problem persist in incognito mode?

Just checked – the problem is solved when in incognito mode. So this seems to be an issue with my settings only?
Thanks for your help!

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Of course! It’s possible that it’s due to an extension as it’s working for me in a normal browser window (non-incognito). I’ve seen users experiencing this issue in the past, but unfortunately I don’t believe there was ever a specific solution mentioned.

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Hey it works for me too, however there’s is a text output in the WebGL renderer.


fixed, thanks so much! :slight_smile:

I’m having the same problem. The uploaded file’s URL is at domain
while the website is at

This occurs in Safari sometimes (usually the first time I load the page) and in Chrome all the time, even with an incognito window.

I am loading an SVG file to inline code with javascript so that I can manipulate it with CSS.

There must be a solution?