Block wrapper stays overlay over all other elements

Hello everyone,

I hope I can find a solution to my problem here, because I can’t get past it.

So I created a cookie banner, that is inside a wrapper that goes on the whole page.

My problem is that when I enter the website, I can’t access any elements on the screen because the wrapper is above all of them (you can check the website below). Even if I accept or deny the cookie module, I still can’t access anything.

And what I want is to give the user the possibility to access my website even if they don’t accept or deny the cookies, but still the banner to be visible so they can accept/deny.

What could be the solution here?

Thank you.

Here is my site:

Hi @houston,

Did you fix the banner? I looked and don’t see it. Off the top of my head, the banner will need an interaction that hides the entire parent Div. Make sure the close button used closes the banner - and hides the Div.