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Black web-page becomes white for a few seconds when it starts loading

Hi guys!
I’m trying to figure out why a black web-page is becoming white for a few seconds when it starts loading.
I want it to be black too.
For reference please take a look at
Does anybody know how to solve this?
I’d appreciate any help and piece of advice. :slight_smile:

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hey. I think your body element is set to BG color white.

Hi! I’ve checked - it is black…

Yeah hard to guess without a share link. Does your page load hide the body element while loading? The root BG color is white by default.

Webflow support team helped to solve this issue:

I had one of my colleagues help me with this issue and found out that the Google Optimize ID that you have placed in there is what is causing the issue. The GTM ID is no longer valid and it is just causing an issue with the screen.

Once you remove it, it will continue to work as expected.