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Bigfoot Javascript Implementation help

Hey all,

I am trying to implement bigfoot to have footnote capability in my blog posts. I’m having a really difficult time with footnotes, because for one, when I try to paste a word document (having all the footnotes formatted in Word) not only do the links not work, but the spacing is all messed up (I am very disappointed that such a simple feature has not been fixed when this has been an issue for three years). Because of this annoying problem, I am trying to find a workaround, which led me to bigfoot.

My question is, how do I install bigfoot.js into Webflow where it would register the footnotes in the CMS?

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Hi @Ambrosiaster, thanks for the post.

I made an example implementation, there is code in page settings and an embed to create the footnote markup with a collection list.

I hope this helps:

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Thanks Dave,

A few questions: it seems like there is a difference between the preview version of your website when you click to view it (having the elipsis icons for footnotes and a pop-up feature), and the back-end Webflow version, which seems to be numbered and has a ‘drop to bottom of page’ feature.

  1. How do I create the pop-up feature instead of the drop down?
  2. How do I make superscript numbers instead of having an elipsis icon?