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BIG E-commerce TROUBLE: Sorry. We cant ship your order to the address provided

Hello everyone,
I have clients with the following error message in my e-commerce webflow site :
Sorry. We cant ship your order to the address provided.

I placed exactly the same order with the same address and it works for me.

I checked shipping in all products, the countries are good, stripe connected. I do not know what to do.

I need help thanks a lot

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Nobody for help me ? really ?

Not sure how any community member can really help in this circumstance. I suggest you open a ticket with support.

Thanks Jeff, but i already made ticket and i have no answer. (More thant 48H).
My client is very angry to this situation because he lost money :s

While I can appreciate your frustration I am powerless to help you. Hopefully support can get back to you sooner than later.

What’s the outcome of this ?
Same issue here with orders from Japan.

Saw elsewhere than it could be an issue with the zip code / postal code field but the thread was not specific…

I have the same problem. This is URGENT. Was there an outcome?

It’s interesting that the original poster that gets annoyed for community members not posting then doesn’t bother to reply with the outcome… :thinking:

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Hello, sorry for the late reply, I have the webflow mails in spam. I have not received a solution to my problem from webflow support. from memory, I touched the amount of deliveries. I think I didn’t have a delivery method for the amount ordered. I therefore advise you to look at the delivery method. If you have a delivery method for the amount of the order.

Hi, I advise you to keep your comments to yourself … and to seek a solution instead of criticizing without knowing.