[SOLVED] Can't ship to address provided bug


I’m having a rather important issue with the e-commerce I’m currently finishing for a client.
No matter what countries I set delivery for, webflow e-commerce checkout is returning a “can’t ship to address provided” error.
I’ve tried checking out by making a product with no shipping and it works fine, goes through stripe, sends the email etc. But when it requires shipping, I’ve never been able to make it work.

I’m very surprised since this is not my first ecommerce with webflow. And since I haven’t made any particular changes, everything should work as expected…
Contacted webflow and did not get any answer yet.

Have anyone experienced the same bug ? And if so how did you resolve it ?

This was solved by using the zip code input “as americans” would have :wink:
Lesson for people in Europe etc: Don’t use the zip code for something else than a postal code : webflow expects a specific regex or it will tell you it can’t ship there (even if you’ve selected worldwide shipping)