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Best way to play looping videos with no controls

I’m a videographer and on my website I’d like to show videos that autoplay, loop, and have no controls. So for all intensive purposes they function like an image, but they are in fact videos.

What is the best way to do that, and can I upload videos without using a URL that embeds a video from a third party website like Vimeo or YouTube. Really, I’m most concerned with the video playing as quickly as possible, but I have a ton of video content and would prefer to not upload to Vimeo or whatever else.

Webflow supports regular video via the video element, which uses to make it easier for end users. If you want to control video your way, you can use any third party provider that offers a JavaScript API. Webflow does not provide rich media storage for roll your own videos.

This service is 99 bucks a month. Not sure if that is practical for a user like me who is running a personal site. Any idea what some other free or more reasonably priced alternatives are?

Which service are you referring to? is included with Webflow.

Got ya, thank you! Can you make any suggestions for learning more about the JavaScript API you’re describing?

We don’t have access to the api directly. You have the ability to paste any URL that supports in a rich text field / element however. If you want to use custom video a third party tool like Vimeo reference their API and use custom embeds.

^ How do you access it? Where exactly do you upload the video to?

Rich Text fields support pasting supported integrations via the media content feature.

See the documentation =>