Youtube video not looping

Cant find solution and old ones leave me speechless.
There is no checkbox for looping in youtube element. I tried to add ?playlist=insertidhere to the end of the link but no luck.
Does looping even work at all?

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So what do I need to do to make it loop?

Reasonably speaking, Webflow cannot provide support for every possible configuration option. The designer would be unusable with a million checkboxes on it.

The approach the product team appears to take is to provide built-in support for the most common use case scenarios, and then when you want to go beyond that, you use an HTML Embed and script to add whatever you want to.

That’s true for everything… video, sliders, forms design, maps, etc. etc. So if you want looping in a foreground video, it’s time to get a bit friendly with HTML.

Here’s a decent guide a quick google turned up.

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Thank you and sorry!
I dunno how I missed the background video element from the bottom of the list!!!

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Yeah that’s super handy, but be aware of a few things-

  • No sound, at least by default
  • Limited file size. I think the max is 30MB if I recall
  • Heavy compression, since it’s a background video, it’s heavily compressed to avoid affecting the user experience

For some scenarios it works great. For others, those limitations sort of kill its usability.