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Best way to achieve randomized/cross-fading hero image background?

I’m converting a WordPress site to Webflow (this site), and on the WP side have used Revolution slider to create a rotating (cross-fading) hero section on the homepage that pulls from ~65 header images, randomized, and cross-fades them endlessly.

I have all of these header images as elements in a collection on Webflow… but dropping each one into a slide in Webflow’s native slider doesn’t seem the best way to handle this.

Is there a 3rd party product people have used to good effect? It obviously has to be responsive, ideally not be too much of a processor drag. Ideal scenario: it would pull from a Dropbox or similar folder, that I could just add images to.

Does such a thing exist? Thanks!

Hi @robtour

You could try this with a CMS dynamic slider from Sidney Ottelohe. It requires adding some custom code, but is pretty straightforward.

That way, you can add the items quickly and easily in the Editor rather than externally. It would of course be dependent on you using CMS hosting.

Hope this might offer some sort of solution?

It looks interesting, for sure… though a bit rudimentary on transitions, with no cross-fade that I can see. I’m looking at WowSlider as a possibility.

If anyone else has suggestions, I’d love to hear them–thank you!