Best Practices for Major Design/Feature Updates on a Live Site

Has anyone discovered any methods for making major changes to a live site that is also being actively updated?

Temp URL’s only seem to be useful for smaller changes and once the CMS goes out of sync between URLs “individual item publish” becomes disabled.

Any insight out there? Curious how others are handling this since there will always be some overlap when overhauls are taking place on production sites.

The shout over the cubicles used to work for me. Since we can’t avoid collisions at the moment, Slack is a good bet. Right now it is an operational issue you need to solve on your end.

I was just working on a custom app using the API, for CRUD collection items, and locked the local record with read-only access for subsequent record reads (with notification to the read only users). Once the first user closed the record, I open it again to locking. While it is open, the user can do what they need. Working on wiring in code to disable publishing while other changes are in flux. That is proving to be a little tricky.

API access to pages is not there so it won’t help page publishing workflows.

Anyway you get the idea.