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Best Practices for Dynamic Lists of Videos


I apologize if this was covered in a support doc somewhere else, but I couldn’t quite find the answer to my question.

What is the best practice for displaying a bunch of videos on your site, if you want to be optimized for stability and speed?

I run a comedy show, and we record each of our shows and cut them down set by set. I’m making a site for us that includes a Videos page. This page has two tabs, all the videos from our shows, and original videos we’ve made. A customer can then click to narrow the videos to look at just a specific show or a specific artist.

However, it already seems to have a hard time loading because of how many videos there are (roughly 30). Do I need to make multiple pages? If so, how would I do this so it’s tied into my CMS and I’m not having to manually create new pages whenever i’ve reached the video/page limit. Related: Is there a video/page limit that I should be aware of?

Lastly: Would these be better handled through lightboxes? Would doing it as a lightbox increase the speed at all?

Thank you1

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