Need Dynamic Lightbox settings

I am trying to create a gallery of youtube Videos for a media page. I tried using the lightbox feature and adding youTube videos straight to the page, but with more than 70 videos, that causes a painfully slow page load, as webFlow has to make a call out and load each video separately.

As a workaround, I decided to create a Dynamic Database of static images that change on hover (it mimics what a YouTube embedded thumbnail looks like). Everything works as a dynamic list should, in that it does the hover image switching and bringing over the video title from the database. But, there is no place to tell the Lightbox to grab the URL that I made in the database. So, when you change the URL for each video manually, it changes for them all.

Is there a way to make the Lightbox settings dynamically call a URL so that the video that launched is unique to each thumbnail?

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