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Best practice for sharing Webflow link to community for help but not DISCOVER area

Whats the best way / process to

  1. Share a Webflow link with the Forum / help community when your having a problem so they can access the site in Design mode to look at what is happening?


  1. Not push the website LIVE to Discover pages for all to see? I see this feature as something I only want to push my finished works that are polished that I WANT people to see, not just all my on going works.

I know I can
: Publish my website
: Site Visibility : Make link Public which pushes to DISCOVER mode

also, once shared, is there a way to NOT share it anymore and lock it down so only you can access the content sensitive client info on the pages?

thanks @thesergie

The feature/s that you need is available in Professional which you can transfer project sites to other people(with minimum of micro account) or in the Team version which you can have collaborators.

For what you need I suggest the Team version so maybe you can revoke someone’s access if you don’t need it anymore(although I am not entirely sure if this is possible).

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@LvnLife if you make your website Private it will not show up in the Discover page. Make it private if you have sensitive client work. Then if you need to share it on the forums you can activate the share link. We will be able to see the website and help out.

Here’s info on how to do that:

If it’s sensitive and you don’t want to share it on the forums and you’re on a paid plan you can email and we can help you out.