Best option for site wide search on Webflow

I recently installed a Finsweet filter following suggestions here, and it’s come out much better than I expected. I am considering installing a site-wide search bar. The last time I set up a search bar was about 2-3 years ago. I followed a video by Pixelgeek, and it was an expanding and collapsing search bar.

I have only recently started playing with Webflow after some time away, so I am not up to date on all things Webflow. I remember search was a big weakness for Webflow. So, I wonder if it is still more or less the same. Maybe someone can comment on this.

I sense it hasn’t changed much concerning the search. What tools would you suggest if I wanted to create a site-wide instant search? The two that I have been considering is Algolia and Jetboost. I could be wrong, but Algolia is a more advanced tool, maybe for bigger sites. I am a little worried it might be hard to install. I am okay following tutorials most of the time.

Jet boost “looks” easier to install and has some very nice features, but it is expensive for a small site. Let me know your thoughts or recommendations if you have used any of these tools.

I am also happy to consider any other tools or methods I might not know.
Thank you.