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Beginning and End arrow for lightbox element

Hello webflow community,

I’ ve got a little question and i hope theres help for this (might be a) little problem.
I am using a few slider elements ( and also a few lightbox elements ( With the slider, i have the possibility to "Arrows:“hide at each end”. so fine. I want to display the arrows, so i don’t check this box.

But now i also want to display the arrows, the same way as the slideshow, at the end of the last image in the lightbox…
How can i manage this without the settings for the arrows? Of course there could be the way to built all the lightboxes as a custom lightbox, but this will costs me hours to rebuild that.

I hope there is a little help with the existing javascript or something else?
That’ll be great. Thanks a lot for your help.

Read only Link:

Yes, this is possible only by using custom code. If you need such a feature, you can contact me for a quote