Lightbox loop! help!

Hey guys.
how can i make light box just loop when im use the navigator inside?
i want to add option that from the last picture the user can get to the first one by the arrows.
is that possible?

Custom code is the only way.

Hey! Thank you so much.
where should i put the code?

Always Page Footer Code OR Site Footer Code

Hey! Having the same Problem and this code doesn’t seem to work properly. It stops at the end but it does not go back to the beginning. Any Idea why? :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for the Help!

Same here. Anyone have any idea why? It’s rather bad user-experience to not have it loop. People typically enter the light box from an image in the middle of the sequence and click forward. To have them hit a wall almost immediately is pretty disturbing to the experience.

Would LOVE to know why this code once worked but doesn’t anymore. (even on the sample page)

Thanks for anyone’s help!

Hi everyone, this guy fixes it with some custom code and adding a few classes, very simple copy and paste job.

Follow this link to his cloneable.

Happy Webflowing :slight_smile:

Michael, THANK you!! That works great! :clinking_glasses::beers: