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Beginner questions

I am motion designer and director, and I’m trying webflow to make a really simple website, with only one page or two.
I think it’s a really powerful tool, but I have some problems.

  • I can’t figure how to put several images in the same background (like one image per second for example), or an images sequence. I know it’s possible in wix, do you know if it’s possible in webflow too ?

  • I would like to use a background video “fixed” as an image, but I’m reading here that it’s not possible and that we can only fix the all background (in position : fixed), which is not helping for me because when I do this the video background is above everything else. Can you confirm that ? That would be a shame.

  • I’d like to enlarge the size of the vimeo player I use in a lightroom. I found a code here :
    Change default size of Player in Video Lightbox
    but I don’t know where to put those code lines… Sorry I really am a beginner :slight_smile:

Sorry for my english, and thank you so much for your help. I still hesitate to use webflow and your answers could help me to choose.

Here is my read only link (it’s just a beginning) :

Hi @ivandureve, welcome to the forum.

Do you mean multible images in one background (as a gallery) or change the images dynamically every second. ? Both are easily possible to do.

What do you exactly mean with fixed with a image?
Should it scroll with the users viewport all the time --> fixed
or should be sticky? --> scroll in a container

For this you will need to put custom code into your site. (It is not difficult)
Here is a webflow university video. (all at all i would recommend webflow university to you. --> just search on their website or on youtube, the videos are GREAT)

for example to embed the custom css from the vimeo size change blog post would look like:

To sum it all up, YES webflow is a bit more complicated than wix (for example), BUT in webflow you have the ability to do a ton more things than in wix. (everything doable in wix should theroretically also be doable in webflow, since it is both just CSS, HTML and JS) Webflow is way more advanced than wix.

Hope i can help

Hi and thank’s a lot for your quick answer !

1/ I mean change the images dynamically every second in the same object. I can’t find a way.

2/ I mean “fixed” like you can do it for images in the image settings panel (screenshot bellow), then when you scroll the image don’t move while all the rest is moving, including the limits of the image. It seems this option is not available for videos. You can see in my project that all the images are fixed this way but not the video because I don’t know how to do that.

3/ Ok I will check the university to find how to do that. Thank you again !

Capture d’écran 2021-01-05 à 18.09.48.png

For #1 you could use a slider with auto play and not “slide over”. (not 1 element)
To do this with 1 element you gonna need custom code. (like jquery)

for #3 you can use position fixed for the background video, and overlay the content above, over it with z- index. (as i said webflow is more advanced, so are the solutions to certain problems)


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