Beginner questions on site plan and how it works with account plan

So I’m a little confused with the site and account plans. I’m a designer and have created a site for a client.

•I know they need an e-commerce standard account plan.

•The client wants to collaborate with site creation and copy changes. AND eventually, take over the site and make layout changes themselves.

•I won’t be needing to invoice the client as I’m not marking up the site plan cost.

So my questions are:
Is it better to have the client sign up for the site plan on their own?
If I transfer the site does the client do they need to open their own account plan?
If I keep the site on my account plan do they have access to the site to make changes whenever they want?

thank you

Hi @JacobT,

If they want to get involved in the designer, best if they get their own account and get a site plan unless you’re planning to get a team plan to bring them in.

Short answer, no. They can publish the site with the ecommerce plan only. Get an account plan only when they need to create more separate projects.

They will get access to the editor to change copy, image and manage the CMS. They won’t have access to the Designer.

Thank you Denny for taking the time to answer

Curious, If the client opens a Free account can we both work on the site at the same time?