Be The Escape [Escape Room Site Concept]

I have been inspired to design my own take on an escape room venue site upon experiencing these sorts of attractions myself.

For those not in the know, escape rooms are designed as a live version of the point-and-click ‘escape’ flash games of yesteryear. They have become incredibly popular with venues popping up internationally!

Branding is original, all other images belong to their respective owners.

Enjoy! :grinning:

Be The Escape



With 19 visits… no one really said much (too full of Thanksgiving turkey?), so I did in a short review video (removed video from YouTube)

Note: I said “copyright” and meant “copy writing”. LOL I’m sure there are other mistakes too. :slight_smile:

Nice work!


Thank you very much for the comment and video, no offense taken whatsoever. I actually enjoy receiving feedback on my work and I think your criticisms were sound. And just to clarify, ‘Schedule 1’ is a categorical term to describe drugs that have significant potential for abuse and have no accepted medical use.

WIll definitely rewatch it when I do my next tweaking, I liked a lot of your ideas.


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Cool! I learned something new today! I have some friends who are “Schedule 1”… no accepted use. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Glad it was helpful.

Great Breakdown! really enjoyed this. Lot’s of value in there. . Would love to hear more of these :blush:


Thanks Chris. Part review and part design exercise (for me) on this one. Sometimes it’s just easier to do these in voice over than writing it out long hand. I’m efficiently lazy. :grin:


I just revisited this and the site looks even better than I recall. :wink:
One. Last. Thing?

The Booking page… make it black on the booking area, invert the text and do your CTA booking buttons in a bit higher brightness of the brand’s orange color. What do you think?? :slight_smile:

K… I’ll shut up now. Promise!

Thank you for the follow-up!

The booking app is giving me issues where its color defaults are not allowing itself to be changed and even with custom code, it seems to be buggy. This may just be the fault on Bookeo itself but I completely agree.

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So not even adding !important in custom code changes the color? Bummer.

Didn’t know that was an option either, how would that work with custom code?

Try this first…

#cb_main {
    background-color: black;

Worked for me in the inspector, but that doesn’t mean much sometimes…
If it doesn’t work, try adding !important in your custom code.

#cb_main {
    background-color: black !important;

If it works, just change your text color for this box and you normally would do.
Let me know if it works.

Interesting, didn’t know that was an option (the !important code).

An issue I encountered before was that the Bookeo app is rather fickle where the font editor is in BBC format and in theory I could adjust the color to be white from there, but unfortunately that carries over to the mobile app which has a white background and you cannot see the text.

However, because the Bookeo trial is set to expire in one week, it doesn’t seem like that much of a big deal at this point.

Perhaps you could target the text in mobile with a custom code media query? I guess it’s a moot point since the trial is ending, but if you have the time, it might be worth looking at anyway. Never hurts to have more knowledge on something.

!important is code that we’d like to use sparingly, so when you choose to employ it, it’s usually a use case like this one where there is outside influence on your code. We use this to try to override that code.

Take care,

Happy new years everyone!

I have made the following changes to this site:

  1. Added homepage section which is right under the hero.
  2. Revised room descriptions
  3. New difficulty percentage bars that are animated!

Webflame :fire:

Looks really nice. Great job Webflame. The expanded descriptions increase engagement and I think the Escape Rate, Problem Solving and Intensity gauges will too. I like that you added number of players for each room. Maybe mock up a “booking” section even though your trial ended, fake something up instead of have it go to a 404.

You were talking about it in the Workshop the other week… I hope you got this gig.


Hey Brian!

Thank you for the feedback, I could definitely create a mockup of sorts for booking.

In terms of the gig, the website idea is still on the table however due to time constraints and scheduling, I will not be working at the venue for right now, possibly closer to March.

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I hope it all works out. Sooner than later.

Just made changes to the Booking page, very basic UI. Let me know what you think!

Looks really good! You may want to hide the orange booking bar on that page, since they are already there. That’ll move the footer up.

Completely forgot about that, just removed.

Webflame :fire:

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