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VH not working correctly in Hero Section

I created a hero section for my website but the VH is not working correctly when scaling down to smartphone resolution…what is going wrong here? I expected the image to scale down correctly but it doesn’t!

Thx for your help!

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hi Daniel the sharing link doesn’t work for me could you double check it? Thanks in advance.

Sorry about that @vincent

Where is the issue exactly, can you screenshot it and draft what you’re expecting?

Note that VH is a unit: means %age of height. And there’s also VW: %age of width. But you’re not obliged to use VH for height and VW for width… you can use VW for height for example. Means the height depends on the width of the viewport. Or VW for text… When you test on webflow on the mobile breakpoint, the height of the viewport doesn’t change, only the width. You need to either test on mobile or reduce the height of the browser to see any effect.

If I want something to shrink depending on screen, I usually binds it to VW.

Hi Vincent,

I’m not sure that I follow you. Please see the screenshots of how it looks when opening the website on my mobile. Could you please explain what is going wrong on my website?

Thank you so much!

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