Background Video generating a .jpg in the data-poster-url property

I have a background video added to my website. Somehow, it automatically generated a data-poster-url with a .jpg taken as a snapshot from the video. I have no control over this .jpg, which is pretty annoying.

The reason it is annoying is, that google lighthouse (SEO) is telling me to use more or less a .webp format. Since I can not control the generated .jpg I can not increase my website’s performance.

Any help would be appreciated.

Here is my site Read-Only: my-website


Hey @geosalon, Try to include you read-only link.
It’s hard to say why it might be, depends oh you created this Video Element.

Webflow does not currently have a setting for that, but you can override the setting using script.

Add this script and the wfu-data-poster-url custom attribute, and you can override it with whatever you like.

WEBP’s work as well, as shown on the demo page.