How to set video background image format to .webp instead .jpg/.jpeg

I have a problem while I working on one webflow page. When I use pageSpeed insights it shows me that some images slow down my website and I should transfer them to webp. That is okay but the problem is that images are actually video background images.

Is there any way that images that are in .jpeg .jpg be in .webp

Pozdrav Dragane,

Can you send a live link to your site? I can’t think of any situation where I’ve seen this… it might be something fixed into Webflow, but I can confirm if I have a live link

Hey @dragan1011, the background video image using Webflow’s background video component is controlled by Webflow itself. Unfortunately, there’s no way to change it to WebP within the platform. However, you can copy this component and use it as an embed element, allowing you to manually change the image to WebP.