Google console - Video page indexing issues - No thumbnail URL provided

Google console has started flagging alerts for videos on a page that uses the Webflow Background Video element. The issue being, ‘No thumbnail URL provided’.

The Google help page states:

No thumbnail image was specified for this video, and Google was unable to generate one for you. Provide a link to a thumbnail for your video using structured data, a sitemap, or an mRSS file.

If you provided a thumbnail URL using structured data and got this error, check that you are not defining a different thumbnail URL for the same video in an HTML tag. You should provide the same title, thumbnail URL, and video URL in all sources (sitemap, HTML tags, meta tags, and structured data) that describe the same video on the same page.

The background video has no need for a thumbnail, so I can’t provide an URL for a thumbnail that isn’t used, so what is the fix for this?

As a possible solution I thought I might be able to link to a thumbnail image using the Custom Attributes for the Video Background element, but Webflow says that ‘poster’ is a reserved name.
Just below the Custom attribute sis the option to ‘Exclude Background Videos content from site search results’ - I selected that though I’m not sure that Google will take any attention of it.

Anybody else having to deal with this issue?


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I just came across this too. Bummer there are no replies here. :confused:

I added this to SA5 some time ago but haven’t used it in awhile.