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Background Video Autoplay Blocking in New Browsers 2018

Hey Guys,

me and my clients really like the background video feature but unfortunately we have to detect,
that in the newest release of Safari on a Mac, the browser blocks the autoplay mode.
Result: Client’s not satisfied. I also read that Chrome will introduce this feature in January 2018.

So is this turn killing background videos? In future meetings what can I recommend the client if he wants a background video that autoplays? Telling him that we are now a step further in the future and have to think different? But then he will argue: many people like auto playing background videos…

Can I set browser specific things? Or do I always have to consider a gif?
What do you recommend and where is this going? Do we still need the background video component in the future in Webflow?


Yeah, I want to know about this too

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