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Greetings Forum,

Background video in the desktop view is ok. However, when you go through the responsive breakpoints it becomes much smaller (not even a full screen) on tablet and phone view breakpoints. Have tried a lot of resizing the background video without a positive result. Please help. thanks.

Hi Twaina,

I’ve inspected your site and noticed that your height setting for that video is getting overwritten to “auto”:

Removing that setting results in a 100vh height and shows the video in full screen on mobile:

If you need more assistance in how to change that in the designer, please share your read-only link.

Thank you for your response, Crhis. We really appreciate it. Here’s the read only link:

You’re welcome!

Check your banner class on tablet view:

And reset the height (to 100vh).

Hey @Twaina just my two cents here on the background video, it might be a good idea to replace it with a static frame from the video for mobile view. It can pose an enormous data load on your visitors who are visiting over cell. data

Thank you very much. I hadn’t thought about that. Makes perfect sense.

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Thank you again for everything, Chris. Your help is much appreciated.