Need Help With the Alpha Template


First issue, our replacement background video for the home page is not responsive on the phone screen sizes (landscape and portrait). It’s an mp4 Adobe stock footage. Secondly, our logo image comes in incredibly small and we’ve tried various pixel dimensions. Please help!

here is the share link:

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hi @Twaina and welcome to the forum

I think it is good idea to share your read only link for better assistance :slight_smile:

Thank you for your suggestion and here is the share link:

Hey Twaina!

The issue with the video is not apparent for me inside the designer :frowning: Can you provide the published link for me? is not existent!

The issue with the logo is mostly due to being only 20-something pixel width & height, but also because the image itself has loads of unused transparent space around it:

I’d advice to change the logo from a img element inside a link-block to just a link-block with the logo as a background image. The logo also should be remade into a svg instead of png :slight_smile:

Thank you for your help. Just removed all of the extra space around the logo. Will post a published link soon.

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Here’s the published link —
As far as I know, I’ve resized and exported the image properly and yet it upload as a blank image (logo). Please see the attached screenshots. Thanks for your help.

I’m sorry, I should have been a little more clear, svg “images” are not images in a traditional way - where bitmap based formats like jpeg and png make the images of pixels, svg uses code to descripe the shapes that make the image. svg’s are due to this always simpler images like illustrations or logos.
You’d need to completely recreate the image with paths in a program like illustrator.

Feel free to revert back to the png for now, try adding the logo as a png with the removed empty space.

Looks like the video is working properly on mobile :slight_smile:
What did you do to fix it?

Here’s more info on svg’s

We were unable to see it in the Webflow preview editor and looked it up on our cell phone. Looks great. Thank you.

Are you using the svg that you made?

Glad it worked!

For now, we are using the svg until later. But we are going to have to rework the logo.
We are shifting our focus to creating new pages with links and changing content.
Without a doubt we will have more questions. Thanks for everything.

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