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Background picture in a section doesn't appear

Hi, new to Webflow and no real experience designing websites. I have a section in my template that I used a background image (multiple little images of the same pic was the choice I used and it looks good, I think). When I toggle to preview, though the image/section does not appear. There is nothing else in the section. It’s just for the background image. Adding things like containers doesn’t seem to help.

Hi and welcome on the forum Steve.

Try to always provide a read-only link when you ask a question, you’ll get better answers. If not, we have to guess.

If there’s nothing inside of an element, and if that element has no dimensions set, then it’s possible that the element has default dimensions in the Designer, in order for you to work easily, but in preview, the element shrink to either width or height = 0, hence being invisible. A BG image doesn’t count as content and impact the dimension of an element.

A element has calculated dimensions when:

  • you gave it width and/or height values
  • it has a content which has dimensions

Thanks Vincent,
Looks like that is going to take care of it. Is there any way to know the size of the default section, so I don’t have to guess how many pixels to put in? Also, I’ll just come clean and say I don’t know what a read only link is.

It’s a neat thing that allow anyone to see your project in the environment of the Webflow designer. And there’s no risk to see your project modified because it’s read-only. It allows forum member to understand what you did and precisely guide you to find a technical or design solution.

That doesn’t make a lot of sense outside of a context… Dimensions of a section varies depending on its content. It also can be variable and expressed in % of its container dimensions (% unit), or % of the dimension of the browser window (VW and VH units).