Background: Fixed doesn't work on Chrome on touchscreen devices

Hello @Everyone,

Did you notice that backgroudn:fixed that you can use for a parallax effect on the background images are now depreciated on webkit browsers such as Chrome / Safari etc?

How do you guys workaround to make it happen again?

@Zacchino do you have a source for this or where are you seeing this behavior? I’m testing a Webflow site in Chrome which is using background-attachment: fixed; styles without any issues :thinking: maybe I missed an announcement somewhere? :grimacing:

Still the same level of support as before:

We already deactivate background-attachment: fixed; styles on mobile devices due to some repainting/flicker issues it can cause.

EDIT: The .w-mod-touch * { background-attachment: scroll !important;} style is applied on touch screen devices (mobile and desktop).

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I have v56 of Chrome (probably latest), and has a fixed Bg, which isn’t working anymore.

Seems like Webflow re-writes an !important rule making our css irrelevant:

@Zacchino are you on a touch screen device by chance? That’s when that style is applied as the performance repainting/flicker issues occur on touch screen devices, my apologies for not including that information earlier, I’m updating my reply with an edit.

The fixed background images on your site are working fine for me on this end.

Ohhh yes I am on a touch-enabled Windows Laptop.

Makes sense!

Thanks Waldo.

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