Background color in Columns

Help…Adding background color to each column but I want padding between columns to remain as row color (example, columns are yellow, row is white (default). So the columns look separated which they are . Thank you

I there,

I’m not sure you can achieve this with padding and regular column element.
You might want to try work with a flex box instead.

I have a container set to display: flex. then inside the container, you have one div “left” then a div “separator” and finally a div “right” that are disposed next to each others. What you could do is set layout of the two div “left” and “right” to expand, wheread the “separator” would have a let’s say a width of 20px for example.

Here is a read-only link that could maybe help you.
There might be an easier option, but I wouldn’t alyway work with columns to layout things out.

humm that might work. My problem is trying to wrap my brain around this new software ( I know how to code and still use tables/cells/paddings etc) What I ended up doing was using background color on the two end columns, then , in the center column selecting the text box and just adding bckg color to that ALONE and adjusting the padding on either side and bingo… :slight_smile: It displays fine though it kills me to do it that way.