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Margin on background-colored columns?

Just wondering how to create columns with margin and the margin effects the color and border for a look like this:

The above was taken on a different platform (WIX). The below is my issue in webflow:

I can’t seem to figure out how to separate the columns when color is present. I can easily define margins when no background color is present.

no real need for a public link as it is not site specific but if you need one let me know

Hi, @n3tworth

I think if you will apply color background on columns, but not the row element, you will get the result as on 1st example.
Then set image inside columns to width=100% and remove any padding on column. Yet heading and paragraph make width=90% and center horizontaly (margin left= margin right = auto)


hay thanks for responding!

I tried this and couldn’t get it to budge (I don’t know what I missed) so I used position relative on the columns, created a separate class for each and just moved them myself…that’ll work for now :slight_smile:

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