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The thing I still do not understand with rows and heights! [solved]

Hi. Love Webflow so far, but there is one thing I’m really struggling to understand. I suppose it’s not a Webflow thing, but a HTML thing, and since I have limited understanding of coding I’m just doing something wrong.

I have a row with two or more columns. The height of the columns is all different because they contain different content. In some cases I want to apply a background color/image to the content in the columns to separate them from the background, but the background only fills the area of the content occupying the column or div block.

How can I get the columns or div blocks to fill 100% of the height of the highest column in the row or the height of the parent row?

One short simple answer: use flexbox instead.

Little learning curve here but be sure to play the flexbox game, you find it on the link above.

Hope it helps :grinning:

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Very nice link @jorn Thank you! :slight_smile:

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