Backdrop Filter: Blur adds flickering on Chrome

Hello! I’m using a design that involves a lot of backdrop filters with a large blur - think 100-200px. It mostly looks great, but on Chrome, when blurred items come onscreen, they often flicker.

Is this something to do with my design that I can mitigate or reduce? Or is it just a chrome issue?

To reproduce: Go to my preview link on chrome. On the home page, scroll down to the features section. Scroll up and down there so that the bottom edge of your browser window is within the section. You’ll see the background circles flicker white as they come on screen.

Update: I changed the site to no longer use backdrop filters.

I have the same issue, but my site is using very few backdrop filters.
The lagging only shows when Mac and Chrome. When I run the same website on other devices or with Safari, it works correctly.

In case someone has already found a solution to this, here’s my read-only link: Webflow - Yungle