Backdrop Filter Blur appearing as glow in preview/published site -- but appears correctly in designer

I have a backdrop blur filter applied to the grid of the “Our Partners” section of this page (the last section before CTA/footer).

It appears normal in the designer, but when I preview or publish, it appears as a subtle “Glow” effect instead.

When I click the read only link, it appears correct at first, until I disable the preview and then re-enable it – then the problem appears again.

Is this a bug? Or does anyone have any thoughts as to what the cause could be?

Here is my site Read-Only: [LINK]

I think I’ve ran into the same issue. Did you find a solution? I don’t understand if that’s a bug or what… It works fine in Safari and even Firefox, but not in Chrome.

Nope, so far no solution or insight into what’s going on. It does say that the backdrop filters are in BETA, so I assume it’s a bug causing the wrong filter to be applied.