Safari lags by blurred elements

Hi! Hope you’re doing great.
We’re working in our new website and we’re using blurred divs to make gradients throughout the site.

We develop mostly on chrome, and it all looked great on chrome. But in safari:

  • The divs looked on different colors than selected and
  • When I apply the “blurred” effect in the "Light-div"s the site lags

I entered to Webflow on safari, and I could adjust the colors so they look fine. But the lag thing is still there.

Note that this happens also in the webflow designer when I’m in safari. I take the blurred filter out, and it gets smooth again.

Hope you can help me! Thanks a lot. (read-only link)

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Yungle

Still, the blur filter doesn’t work in Safari.
I talked with the Webflow support and it’s not a Webflow side thing, so, we worked it around and as we’re using blur effect, we don’t care to get pixelated images.

So, we changed our blurred divs at the back to pgn images, which works like a charm. Our site is no longer lagging in Safari, and it’s also working great in Chrome.

That’s the tip, for now, avoid using lots of blur filters on your designs, till Safari and other navigators get the blur effect right.