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Back to top arrow interaction with scrolling

Hello guys,

I have in my website a menu (always open) and I want that when I scroll 400 px an arrow appear (ease in) on the top of the menu items pushing them (softly) down. Then when I scroll up and arrive to the last 400 px the arrow dissapear.

I’m trying to do this but with the new interactions all I can do is appear and dissapear regarding the scrolling, and not the webpage on the back.

Can someone help me please?

Here my link:

The menu is in the home page.

Thank you!

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Does anyone knows the answer pls? :slight_smile:

No one knows if this is possible?

Pls I don’t seem to get how to do this and I seems quite simple!

thanks everyone

If I’m guessing correctly you want the arrow to stay after the scrolling big push. Maybe you would make your arrow sticky.

Review the Sticky Sidebar

That’s what I want to do.
Oh maybe you are right, I will check that!

I checked this out, it’s not what I need.
The menu is already fixed, no sticky needed. I just want the arrow to appear when I hit a 300px scroll and to stay there if I keep scrolling down.

In reverse, when scrolling up, if I hit 299px on vertical I want that arrow to dissapear.

Any idea?


Hi, @ollo.
Is that what you need?

It is! You rock.

How did you you do it? :slight_smile:

It’s easy in Webflow) Just create a “dummy” interaction trigger, set a height as you needed and interactions create two “actions” (when element in view and when out of view).

In my reference I create a simple interactions with opacity. It means that if element is invisible you still can click on it. For fix it just add ti interactions display hide/show options. Write, if you need some help)

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Done! Awesome, thanks!!