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Visible Parallax Scroll indicators

I am trying to create a helpful arrow/thing down, so people now that they can scroll down. In strikingly this was easily implemented. How do I make this in Webflow?

This is a screenshot of what I mean:

And the website example I got it from:

Also, the up arrow disappears when you are at the top, is this something, I can create with interactions? A simple scroll interaction.

The arrows would stay on the screen always at the same position and link to the next/prev section? This is not doable in Webflow without code, but you can put an arrow at the end of each section that points to the next section (link to unique ID)

For the appear/disappear, set the arrow to opacity:0 and put an interaction on the section you want, onScroll. when scroll into view + adjust the threshold, affect different element (the arrow) and pass it opacity 100%, and vice versa.

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