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Award winning 3D website

Hello everyone
I want to share the website I build in Webflow using 3D transforms.

Tridivi is a free service to create 3D Pop Up greeting eCards. The best part of it is a WYSIWYG eCards builder, so anyone can create unique eCard in just a few clicks.

Website has received a good recognition and awards on Best CSS Awards, One Page Awards, CSSFOX, CSS Light, CSS Winner, etc. as well as was nominated on AWWWARDS.

There is a lot more to develop and I would like to add more stunning features. For example, I just added sound to ecards

What kind of other features would you add to tridivi?
Any ideas are highly appreciated,


That is just awesome @Vlad :slight_smile: Great job. I love the card creator. :slight_smile:

Thanks @cyberdave! Don’t forget to use it when you need to send a card :wink:

Hello fellow Vlad, those are some cool 3D effects you have going on … very impressive !! :grinning:

Thanks @VladimirVitaliyevich ! Have you tried to hover the butterfly on desktop version? - this is my favourite creation :wink: Unfortunately have to turn it off on mobile…