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Responsive design with less containers

I understand that containers keep content centered and proportionate when its viewed on multiple browsers.

I have a lot of design featured that I dont want to be centered; for example, a box may start on the left 10% of the body and end on the 70% width mark, which is a left-focused design.

How can i keep design proportionate on DESKTOP / larger monitors…
and use less containers? what techniques? i feel like padding is related to the solution.

To work on this, I recommend using all VH/VW/EM so everything is responsive. But from what I see, I would recommend mastering HTML layout first, before you dive into a more complex design of the web. :wink:

So, I can use ordinary div blocks, give them some padding so they sit exactly where i want on the website (not erry-thing centered), and use




so everything is responsive?

Are the bolded parts correct? (padding + div blocks)

In theory yes, but to make a site work you would generally need more than what is listed as well as I recommend having an extensive knowledge of HTML and CSS to have a working and responsive website.

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