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Automating importing Twitter Content + Airtable

Hi all,

I’m not a pro with Zapier/Integromat by any means… I’m new at using them.

I’m working on a project to curate an evergreen list of content from Twitter. I’m working on the MVP at the moment and my UI designer and I are trying to design how tweets will appear in a list format (like Reddit/Google). Tweets are more vertical in nature (see this example), so we can’t simply just use the embed feature Twitter provides (such as this).

So far, my workflow has been

  1. Bookmark my favorite tweets on Twitter
  2. Copy the tweets over to Airtable so I can maintain a database and categorize them
  3. Manually copy in the relevant metadata into Webflow CMS

So to curate one tweet, it could take a few minutes to copy all the text, download the pictures (author pic and pics inside the tweet) into Airtable and then Webflow. So I would LOVE to find a way to automate this, whether it’s Twitter -> Airtable -> Webflow CMS or just Airtable -> Webflow CMS.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

The fields I am looking to import are the following

  • Author Name
  • Author Twitter Handle
  • Data Primary Tweet Posted
  • Primary Tweet Main Body Content
  • Primary Tweet Photos
  • Number of RT’s
  • Number of Likes
  • Link to Tweet
  • Additional Tweet Thread Text Content & Photos

As far as I can tell, the Twitter API doesn’t have an endpoint to fetch your bookmarks, so there isn’t any tool that will help you get them into Airtable. If you used like instead of bookmark in your workflow, then you would be able to use any tool that has Twitter and Airtable integrations.

But, to get them from Airtable to Webflow, you could try the tool that I’m building. I’m looking for more beta testers.

Interesting… liking is not a great option since that means any and all liked tweets would flow into Airtable… maybe would have to create an account to only like tweets which would be pulled, but seems imperfect.

How does an app like pull tweets? Is that a custom API?

I’ll certainly check out your tool, thanks for letting me know!

Thread Reader most likely uses the Mentions endpoint of the Twitter API to collect tweets that mention it and then filters for the word ‘unroll’.

But, as I said, there’s no endpoint to fetch your bookmarks. You’ll have to find a different way of collecting tweets, and then use the Twitter API to fetch and store them into Airtable.

I guess there could be a few options:

Could there be a trigger in Airtable where a Yes/No field is checked Yes, and then that is the trigger which fetches the data and extracts the important bits similar to Thread Reader?

Users on the platform could either

  1. Submit suggestions for curated tweets on the platform’s website, which could be an airtable form that I or another editor review for quality and apply categories
  2. Allow users to mention the platform twitter account, similar to Thread Reader, and then those submissions go to Airtable to review

Appreciate the help, I’m not super familiar with APIs, but trying to learn/understand more as i build out