Auto-rotating slider + show both arrows

Hi webflow gurus,

I need some customizing my collection slider at the top of my webpage.
At the top of my homepage is a slider that pulls in 3 blog posts from a collection. Built this using the paginate collection feature.

Now trying to :

  1. Have slides auto rotate every 3 seconds or so with a fade or sliding animation.
  2. Have the previous arrow show at all times
  3. Be able to cycle from slide 3 to slide 1 and vice versa
  4. Have dot indicators

Are these things possible to achieving using this collection pagination slider?
Can anyone point me to any existing tutorials on how to achieve this?
Thank you!

Here is my public share link:

Hey @phristopher,

Hopefully not reiterating something you may already know, however would a “Slider” be better option for you here?

It would enable the rotation every 3 seconds, have the arrows and dot indicators.

It may not work out depending on which of the collection blog posts you want, but you can drop the relevant collection into it (or each individual ‘slide’).

Yes perhaps starting with an actual slider might be better, but pulling three featured blog post is necessary/preferred for my client to easily update.

If I use the slider feature is there a way to use collections to show three different blog posts?

Hi @phristopher,

Great to hear - probably a few ways around it. Really briefly you could:

  • drop in the slider;
  • add a collection item into slide 1;
  • have it only show the ‘featured’ blog posts;
  • limit it to 1 item, and start from the first item;
  • add collection item to slide 2 (or copy and paste initial one);
  • limit to 1 item, and start from the second item;
  • repeat for third.

This would have three slides that pull the first, second and third featured items from the collection.

As mentioned, there’s a few ways you could do this and could use sort order to make it regular items or random items if you have more than three feature blog posts - but hopefully gives an indication.

Oh great! I didn’t know you can “start from the first/second” etc item. I will try this out.

I’ll let you know how this goes. Thank you.