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Auto Login to Password protected page using specific link


I’m making a site for a client. They have an HR portal that employees log into and want to link to a page on the website (password protected) with important HR documents. If a random person gets to the page they’ll hit the password page, but if they click the link from the HR portal they will bypass the password page and go straight to the documents page. Is this possible? I know there are security implications, but they aren’t too concerned. They just want it to look like the employees only need to sign into the portal (kind of like SSO).

I’m currently hoping to have some sort of token in the link on the HR Portal like If that token exists, it will bypass the password protection page. Is that possible?

Any help would be great!

Not possible with Webflow hosting. Password page cookies are validated and set on the server-side, so there is no way we can change the functionality to support different sign-in options.

Of course there is the less secure method of a manual JavaScript login, but that can be easily bypassed as the password will actually be in the source code of the HTML page.