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Auto Generate SKU #s with new Products in Ecommerce

Is there a way to Auto Generate a New SKU number for each new product for the ecommerce feature ?

Don’t think so, i have not found Any function

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No way to use a custom code feature I guess not

There are some stuff missing but im sure we will end up with a good product. Hopfully the variants will come soon, its a must for ECom sites. Been doing a LOT of testing My self and My biggest problem is filtering

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Well I just ordered a product for $1 Dollar Right off the Bat with Stripe there is not way to ship the Product… So I guess I need to Add a Shipping Feature. Wonder how much that is going to Cost… What I have found is these shopping cart companies offer the Very Basic features then they make Millions off of Plug-In’s Im trying Have not messed much with filtering… Just out of Curiosity, what issues are you running in to with filtering . ?

Have you set up Any shiping rules in webflow? Must be done, i have one set up Free Shiping.

Regarding filtering lets say the you have a product for Hair, comming from one of several vendors belonging to one or more categories…
As an end user you want i Quick interface to sort and find what you are looking for


Shipping… OK… But What software are you using… I do not see any shipping with Stripe. ??? They take the money and run… Shipping is not a issue with Stripe… I guess…

Did not follow you now about the shiping. In Sweden i do set up My shiping fees wich is paid by the customers (using Stripe). Shiping should not be charged by stripe

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Hey @Michael_J_Van_Dyke

What shipping method(s) do you have setup inside of Webflow Ecommerce? That is where shipping is paid. There are a lot of options there in the settings.

Fulfillment is manual unless you use Zapier to connect to a shipping service to print labels or whatever.

I bailed on this Try… Too many issues going on, Beta is not for me…