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Auto created urls by Webflow

I did a SEO audit of my Webflow website and I saw a lot of these intern links/redirects;
/nieuws/?dda16590_page=2 3xx redirect to /nieuws/page-title
They seem to be related to pagination.

I locked in the sitemap - no
source code of the page - no
redirects in the project settings - no

Is this ?dda16590_page=2 something Webflow auto generates?

If yes, why?
Can I get rid of it?


These are created when you utilize native pagination, and unfortunately they can’t be modified/removed unless you utilize another pagination method.

I would hope there is some work being done to improve the URL of these auto-generated pages, however I can’t say for sure if that’s the case—it’s actually a good question to ask them in the Community Update happening next week.

Thanks for your response.
Let’s hope they change this. But there is quite a wish list.
The last year there were not a lot of great updates.
No idea what they are working on?
Let’s hope they solve some often asked issues.

The last year there were not a lot of great updates.

I think that really depends on what features you wanted, the introduction of Symbol Overrides and Nested Symbols were great—honestly I can’t imagine working without them now—but that’s not to say they didn’t improve on a lot of little things (as shown on @vincent’s awesome Man1fest timeline):

I’m actually hoping for some big updates soon (probably either alongside the Community Update or announced at it) as 2021 has been pretty quiet on the update side of things. That said, next week’s event is most definitely the time to voice concerns or ask about specific updates—not to mention getting an update on their roadmap.

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Actually, pagination that works with unique URLs is a feature demanded by clients, because it’s important for SEO, it’s easy to crawl for search engines like Elastic Search etc. I’m using them quite intensively right now and I don’t see any disadvantage for it.

The URL can be pretty intense if you have several paginated lists in the same page, you’ll have something like /?dda16590_page=2?gggdd542_page3 etc

I don’t think they’ll remove it.

What do you propose instead of it?

2020 is the year symbols content override and nested symbols. Just those 2 changed the way I design with Webflow. Huge year in my book!

Object-fit and larger breakpoints also removed a massive amount of custom code in my projects. OR filtering solved quite a few challenges. Clean up IX was a godsend.

And I don’t know if I would be working on the project I’m on if it wasn’t for Import references.

So much that I felt the need to write a wrap-up of the year 2020 Webflow Features Wrap-up! — Manifest blog, #nocode web design revolution

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Sure, there were some great (design) updates in 2020 as you mentioned.
But some big issues are still open, especially when you are outside the USA.

  1. There is the GDPR issue, Webflow hosting with in the EU.
  2. iDeal payment in Holland. You can’t start e-commerce when you can’t offer iDeal payment.
  3. And a tool like ‘views’ as in Drupal CMS. (Maybe the Nobull app’s are going to change this?)
  4. Creating your own breakpoints.