Authpro + Webflow to create a Membership portal/protected pages

Very nice. The solution is simple to implement and easy for collaborators too! Thanks for doing that.

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Hey there,

I’m just trying to find out more information as I don’t understand exactly what type of features are possible with Authpro. One of my clients needs a members portal where his clients can find monthly invoices (and the ability to pay for them), as well as find a calendar with their next appointments. Is this something that I could create with Authpro? (I’ve emailed Authpro direct with questions, but they were not helpful - AT ALL :joy:)

Thanks in advance,

Hi Sim,

Great question, and I’m here to help!

This is not yet available using Authpro as user centric fields (connected invoices, connected grades, connected appointments, etc.) cannot be completed.

This may be something that can be done with a Knack app embed.

The following walkthrough shows how to receive payment within the app:

And, this walkthrough shows how to notification & reminder emails to your application:

Hopefully this is helpful.

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I have gone through all of these docs, plus AuthPro docs and Stripe info, how do I setup or get the Stripe buttons to redirect to the pages I have created in my site? This driving me absolutely insane.

I am just trying to setup a subscription system that when CC info is entered and process that it will redirect to the registration page on the site.

site is live now to add the ssl service:

If you signup for the $5 Ill refund you, but it is driving me nuts!


The link you have here for Stripe, DOES NOT actually tell you how to redirect to the registration page after you enter your CC info. Have you done this yet to have figured it out? I am at a loss and cant get anywhere with AuthPro support.

Hi there @QA_Brandon,

Yes, you’re correct - the provided links do not note creating a redirect to a registration page using a payment. The provided link noted a registration w/o payment, however I would be happy to take a look for you this upcoming weekend to see what is possible

Would you be able to provide a Read-Only to your project? I’d be happy to take a look for you.

Thanks in advance :bowing_man:

Also, feel free to provide your button settings, as that would be quite helpful:

Bookmarked and following…I created a site 2 years ago for my client and last year we switched over to authpro for member reg and page protection…this would have been nice then lol but perhaps there’s some functionality that I could now benefit from that I can seamlessly integrate :thinking: I’ll read into this, thank you!!!

Hey @mistercreate,
Thanks for posting this update to the documentation. I have a deluxe account with Authpro and I figured out how to get the login on my own webflow site, but when I submit the form with a valid login it redirects me to (takecontrol being my authpro ID), which is a blank page. I think I have pasted the correct redirect URL into all the appropriate places in the Settings and Design tabs. Any idea where I might be going wrong? Thanks.

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Hi all, since I made this post I heard back form AuthPro support. They have provided info in my Support page and when I do my updates and they WORK, I will post the code and instructions here.

Hope that will help everyone moving forward. Let you know in next day or so.

Thank you Mister Create, I just did a site using this combination of authpro+webflow and it works! great!

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Anyone know if/how this can work in combo with Webflow Ecommerce to create something like a wholesale page/products visible to “members”?

Bonus would be how to use Zapier to send order information back to Webflow and filter it on a user’s membership page.

Any tips, directions, and additional material appreciated before I dig deeper into this.

@matthewpmunger that would be a good idea. Unfortunately I wont be able to test it, just yet, as the project I was working on has been put on hold indefinitely!

@mistercreate This is an interesting hack, and I was not aware of AuthPro. It does not inspire a lot of confidence - user information is stored on AuthPro’s end I assume (I don’t see how else this would work).

I guess I’m hoping Webflow releases native user accounts later in 2019, but then porting from AuthPro would seem like a big hassle.

Any comment on security/portability of AuthPro user account data?

@mmmiles and @mistercreate, the data is mostly stored on Stripe or PayPal, depending on the processor you use. I’d highly recommend Stripe as it is mostly compatible with Webflow, but still the issue of user access.

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Hi everyone - thank you all for your inputs above. Some really useful info.

I’ve just been working through the Authpro documentation and I wondered if anyone has come across a way to integrate it with a members only forum? We want paid members to be able to access and comment on a forum using their Authpro account details.

Can’t seem to find any examples out there so wondered if you lovely people had found anything that might work?

Thanks all.

Hi there, not sure if you were able to find your fix using AuthPro, but have you looked at The integrations are much easier to use and is being used on some of the more popular Webflow sites at the moment.

Hope that helps?

Reference feeds:


Another option that’s now available is MemberSpace. We’ve been around for years, super simple to setup, and have the option to add true security on the server level to your content.

Here’s a cloneable template anyone can check out to get started for free.