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It looks cool but I don’t understand how that service helps with user authentication by itself?

By connecting StoryChief to your Webflow website you can maintain your blog posts outside Webflow.
See it as a layer on top of your Webflow CMS. You can add unlimited collaborators to StoryChief and define if they can publish or only write blog posts.

@bgarrant is looking for a way to have member-only area for the website where users can use password to log in and get access to private documents ect.

I’ve misread sorry about that. Do I remove my comments?

No worries. Just looking for a way to do this. I saw a Firebase tutorial at but not sure that is best way.

Hi there,

You could use Authflow which is a walkthrough that shows how to combine the membership portal functionality of Authpro, with the ease of creating websites in Webflow:

However, a much easier solution that requires much less code is going to be available at the top of April:

I’d honestly suggest waiting for that team to launch, as it looks to be quite simple to integrate with Webflow from what I’ve seen. :bowing_man:


Looks nice. I will sign up for early release of Memberstack. Thanks

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Yeaa looks promising :grin:

I have used both Memberstack and Jason Dark’s firebase solution.

Memberstack is easy to use and is improving all the time is very low cost (just a % of revenue).

Memberstack is a member sales platform with segmentation of pages/content for members and public. It does this well. J

Jason’s solution is harder but is more customisable/extendable, particularly with the version 2 (updated videos) options that allow customisation of the signup/log on blocks.

His tutorials and sample code are fantastic and anyone can follow his instructions and get a good result.

One difference is that his solution supports extended profiles with pretty much any data you like managed by the client. You can easily use Oath signup/login options by turning on in Firebase and a little configuration.

I have not tried to integrate a billing option into Jason’s solution, though it would be doable, it is likely too complex for low code types like me.

Hopefully Webflow will have a solution soon that at the very least support ecommerce clients being able to manage their accounts, order history etc.

End user engagement/management is my biggest challenge when using Webflow. I would love it if I could manage users within webflow and provide better UX with personalised experience, user content and engagement. Even if we could have client ID and Single Sign On support and link to other services such as forums, social interactions and chats would be amazing. I think this is the approach that Duda is taking.

Quality UX is core to what we do and where Webflow is positioned, building communities is a large part of achieving that.

Other platform like Duda & Simvoly do more with these features but are nowhere as strong as webflow in design and how well they do what they do deliver.

There is no easy solution, compromise and hard work are going to be part of everything we do.

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Thanks @kevbaum for the kind words re YouTube videos, glad you liked them.

To answer the original question I would say that Webflow are still a fair way off providing this functionality. I spoke to one of their PMs about a year ago who was beginning to gather requirements and determine scope for user auth. This got me all excited that Webflow were serious about implementing this feature but this hasn’t come to anything yet.

If you’re comfortable with some level of coding then you could look at integrating with Firebase, Airtable, Caspio etc. In terms of off the shelf solutions I’m not aware of anything other than Memberstack. I had a chat to those guys in their very early days and it looks like the product is still in development and not yet available in general release. So waiting for that is probably your best bet at this stage. I’ve only heard good things about them.

IMO this missing feature is the single biggest blocker stopping Webflow from exploding in growth. Until they implement this it’s hard for people to jump ship.

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@jasondark Happy to give positive comments when they are due.
I think Memberstack is good and very focused on the features that align to there value statement.
Join | Pay | Access (pages/folders/collections) content blocks have been mentioned but I have not checked if that is available yet. These features are okay but don’t get me where I need to go. I need end-user content, either direct or embedded features but with SSO so is seamless to end user. I do not want the user to have user credentials for the main site and a different one for forums, chats, comments etc…
I am basically repeating what I said in my post. I think the best option is to just improve my coding skills or pay someone to build around firebase or similar.

The only other option is the “module marketplace” that has been discussed and this may open a bigger pool of talent to tackle a wider range of features.

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If I were to do a membership site I would maximum use Webflow for the marketing side of things and then use a subdomain for members area which would be running on different platform which is dynamic and not static generated pages. Alternatively use a different platform for the entire thing.

The module marketplace is a great idea. I’d be all over that.

Hi Jason. I saw you had part of the tutorial on Medium to use Firebase and Webflow. Is there another part on there or some other sites with all of them that I can read?

@bgarrant @jasondark They are on youtube
Comments contain the Github links so youtube covers the whole process.

Hey another option that’s now available is MemberSpace. We have SSO integrations with 3rd party forums (and Zapier) so your members don’t need to create an account to interact on a forum or directly message each other :+1:

Here’s a full list of features and here’s a template you can clone to get started.

Feel free to reply or DM me with any other questions!

@ward320ny Ure the answer to my prayers, i actually did a post: “Take it backend” just today and were searching for this. Wow!

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Does Memberspace allow for individual content that is unique to a given user? For instance, perhaps I want to share a screenshot per user, that screenshot being unique per user/member.

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Hey Matt, sorry we don’t have an individual content per user feature yet (unless you wanted to create a member plan for every member - but obviously that doesn’t scale well). The good news is your request is already on our roadmap (no ETA though) so if you want to get notified when it’s available you can join our feature updates list here:

you can’t really customize Payment / User Profile windows in Memberstack. if you have a dark mode website, that would look really strange to see a user’s profile all in white, as well as the payment form that would look really odd and cause trust issues from the client’s side. it is probably a good solution if you create only white / light websites.

in Memberspace you can customize forms better but there are some fields that you can’t and they remain looking really out-of-the-complete-picture… and their support refuses to provide with help on how to actually customize all area of a form…

has anyone found a solution that is fully customizable and may fit dark mode websites?