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Authpro + Webflow for user login and registration functionality

Hi there, The below walkthrough will no longer work as an example as the Authpro subscription has been canceled.

I would like to introduce an awesome Frankenstein of functionality that we as Webflow creators have been looking to accomplish for some time!

We have been wanting to create a membership portal within Webflow, but with an ease that isn’t too technical.

I would like to introduce Authflow which is a walkthrough that shows how to combine the membership portal functionality of Authpro, with the ease of creating websites in Webflow.

You can learn more at

The complete forum walk-through can be found at

Aww dude… nice! I sure this works for them. I wondered if they contacted support yet.

@garymichael1313 I reached out to support for sitelok… you were right about their willingness to work with you. He was awesome and put together this short doc. He’d never worked with webflow before but started an account and built this walkthrough. However, the short answer is you can’t use sitelok with a webflow hosted site.

@mistercreate I purchased a premium subscription to authflow and set it up, but it is a little buggy. Especially with the stripe integration. I put in a support request to address some of the issues I’m having but haven’t heard anything back from them yet.

Aww man dangit, I was sorry to hear that because it is an affordable simple script to use. Yeah Adrian is great. Well you’re perfect case on why this should be leg up in priority. You have been patient and willing to work through issues with grace. I hope you find something that works.

And when you do please shoot me a message. See ya later, take care.

Oh no, thanks for the heads up.

I hadn’t been able to use the Stripe integration yet, but thanks for the heads up.

I’ll try it myself, and definitely reach out as well. :nerd_face:

Would you be able to share what issue you ran into?

I’d like to reach out to them as well

@mistercreate sure. right now the embed code that is produced is for stripe checkout only. It would be great to have it be a more robust solution, but I guess I get that. There’s no customization of the buttons and the username and other registration info being passed to the Authpro database isn’t relevant and is requiring additional steps for the end user.

It looks like they have an option in the button settings to “pass to registration form”. But it isn’t working. It’s throwing up error codes requiring a name to be included in the button settings. However, it won’t accept a name without throwing up another error code that “name” is an unknown parameter.


Hmm, that is odd.

I was able to quickly test creating a regular payment button, and subscription using Authpro & Stripe, and I was able to do so without any errors:


Would you be able to enter values into the Subscription name, Billing amount, and Trial period and attempt again.

Feel free to share the error that you receive, also.

Thanks in advance, and I’ll be standing by for your response.

Also, I would be happy to work on creating custom buttons using Webflow where we can redirect our users upon successful payment using some JS.

Would you be able to add that as a feature request for Authflow when you can at

Still getting the same error codes. 52%20PM

Hmm, that is odd.

My next suggestion would be making sure that the Stripe Public and Secret keys are added as expected, and that the “Activate & load stripe subscriptions” is enabled:

If it still does not work, feel free to let us know and I’ll be happy to create an additional ticket for Authpro as well linking to this forum post.

@mistercreate All settings are turned on. Maybe an additional support ticket or I could pm you my login info.

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Yes, feel free to PM me your login information, and I’ll take look.

And, I’ll create an additional support ticket as well.

Thanks again for the heads up :bowing_man:

Hey @mistercreate, thanks for putting together the documentation on this. I have what is probably a very dumb question. I’ve set everything up according to your instructions, but when I log in through the login page on my webflow site I get directed to another login page here: If I enter my login info again I’m redirected to a blank page. Any idea what’s going on?