and Webflow

I’ve seen a few posts on this topic, but none seem to offer satisfying solutions. Webflow uses Stripe, but I have a client that is ultimately trying to use the gateway, and only wants to pay one set of fees, which is fees. They are against including another third-party systems that help the developer integrate (like foxy or snipcart), which only adds more fees onto the client.

My only alternative it seems is to go with WordPress and install the WooCommerce plugin, because it allows the charge of only the gateway fees.

Are there any other solutions out there that could work with Webflow? I’ve looked into the button, but that’s only good for single products. If I have to move from Webflow, I can, but I hate WordPress.

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Did you figure this out? I’m in the same boat.

So looking into it more, I was able to find out how I could use Foxy and Snipcart as options for this client in order to avoid fees (see below for more details). Also, I’ve included a few other options that you could spend some time looking into…
If your client generally has less than 100 transactions. Foxy’s .05% transaction fee will begin after 100 transactions. It integrates with

If your client generally has more than 100 transactions. Snipcart’s 0.2% transaction fee is standard, no matter how many transactions are made. But this turns out to be comparable or even a better solution than paying for the WooCommerce plugin (which I think is still around $79/mo). Snipcart integrates with

Allows you to integrate with other apps.

I believe this service, which is an all-in-one kinda deal, integrates simply with It’s a nice service because it gives you CRM, Customer Portals/Sign Ins, Billing, integration with an existing website, etc.