Alternative to Stripe?

Hi everyone, I’m trying to set up an e-commerce site that sells Vape related products. Stripe does not support this type of business on its platform. Is there a way to integrate another company like or Any advice is much appreciated.

You would need a third party app. Take a look at for example.


I had a look there. I wasn’t sure if it was necessary. After speaking to some companies such as they made it seem as though it was possible. They just needed to add their own code. But I couldn’t find anything about that here on webflow.

@webdev Thank you for the mention.

@yehudabortz Just replied to your PM. Sounds like you need a gateway/processor that supports high-risk merchants. We’ve got some partners we can connect you with.

By using Foxy, you can A) sell high-risk products in Webflow and B) 100% manage those products in Webflow.

If you go through a gateway directly, generally, product/payment pages will be handled on an external, non-customizable page. Also, you won’t get coupons, discounts, live shipping rates, taxes, etc.

We’re happy to help you get started. Just let us know.