Mute Button in Webflow?

Hey guys, I need some help!

I’m thinking of adding some iFrame Youtube audio to a website, but I want to make it optional.

How would I go about making a mute button in Webflow?


I think you would have to use Javascipt in custom code. I’ve not tried this but I’ve been thinking about doing something with it at some point. It’s quite complicated though and might take a bit of fiddling to work out but I think this contains the information you need. If anyone knows another way or has actually done something with this I would love to hear about it too.

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I guess the question should be more specific, like “How would I go about making a mute button for Youtube content”.

And the answer would be “by using Youtubes’ API”.

Youtube API allows you to handle one or several YT content on one page, including play pause volume mute and other option. I heard many many time that Youtube APi is more difficult to use than Vimeos’ one. In any case, it’s Javascript programming, this is a coder work.

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Ok thanks, I definitely check it out! :smiley:

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