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Add attachment to an email from the website

Hi. One of my clients has asked if I can add a button that when clicked on will send an email with a PDF attachment, is this at all possible? The best I can do is link it to Google One Drive as a downloadable! Any suggestions gratefully received.

I use for that. it works ok. But we are hoping webflow will make a better form with more functions one day :slight_smile:

Thank you @krubens - I will take a look. It’s not really a form I’m after I simply want a button that is linked to produce an email that had the PDF attached already, how do you use a form builder to do that? Sorry if I’m being a little dumb!

Ok. You can use a form for that. The visitor enters his email and get sent the pdf.
Or you can do as you said, just put it on dropbox or google drive. Share a whole folder that people can pick from.

The upside with the email is that you can collect emails. Im not sure if mailchimp can add files, but you can send an email with the link to dropbox and google drive. That way you collect emails in a marketing tool. if thats interesting.

Ah - of course, great idea - thank you!

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